For the teams to be able to operate within the different tiers/levels, you need to assign the teams to the tier they should be able to operate within. 

Each team needs to be assigned to at least one tier/level, but can also be assigned to multiple tiers.

When a team is assigned to a tier, they will be able to add log entries on the specific level, and of course, see everything that is going on at a specific level. If a team is assigned to multiple levels/tiers, it is easy to switch between the tiers by a single switch in the log interface.

Users and teams can share log entries to tiers they are not assigned to, but cannot follow or read the content of the other logs.

Click on "Account settings" on the settings/gear icon in the top right corner.

Go to "Teams". Select a team and find the "Log tiers" section. 

Click on "Add Log Tier", and select the tier the team should be assigned to. Repeat this step if the team should be assigned to multiple tiers.

Remove a tier assignment by clicking on the red "X" next to the tier name.

When you have added all tier assignments to the team click on "Save". 

The changes in tier settings on a team will only affect new logs.

If you want to apply the changes to a team in an existing log, you must remove the team from the log and then add it back again.