In order to start using the Strategic module in RAYVN, you will need to set up the different tiers, or levels that you want your organization to manage situations in. 

Make sure that your organization is subscribing to the strategic module. If not, you should contact us.

1. Click on the settings icon in the top right of the screen. 

2. Choose "General".

3. Click on "Log tiers". If you don't see that option, your organization might not have enabled the Strategic module.

4. Click on "Create", in the "Log tiers" section.

5. Write the name/title of the tier or level. Make it a descriptive name so that it makes sense for the people that might "navigate" between the tiers during the incident. You should name these according to how your emergency response organization is organized.

6. Click on "Color". The color of the tier is important for distinguishing between the tiers. You can easily see which tier you are "in" and it also makes the different tiers more distinguishable when sharing log entries and so on. 

Select a color in the color picker, and then click on the "Save Log Tier" button.

7. You will now see the list of your tiers or levels in your organization.


The next step is to assign your teams to a tier.