You can add specific users to a team in an active, ongoing log if you want to. This will not change the team configuration for good. The added users will only be given access, or removed for this specific log.

  1. Open your active log.

  2. Click on the team view tab, in the top right area of your screen.

  3. Click "By team".

  4. Select the team where you want to add or remove a person.

Add a person to a team

Click "Add person".

You will see a list of available users. If there is a long list, you can also search/filter by start typing their names.

Click on the plus next to the name.

When you have selected one, or more users, you can write a message that they will get as a notification. Saying that they now have been invited to the active log.

When you have added your message, click "Invite with message". 

If you don't want to add a message, click "Invite without message".

Remove a user from a team - in this specific log

To remove a user from this specific log, simply click on the red cross next to the user's name.

You can now choose if you want to add a message/notification to send to the user, or if you want to "Remove without message".

By removing the user, the user will lose access to the specific log. The user will still be listed in the team set up in the account settings, and will be a part of the team in the next log. 

To make permanent changes in your team setup, you can manage the teams in the Account settings.